Hey Fascist Baboon Trump Meatheads: Dare You to Debate Flagburner Joey Johnson & Carl Dix

From Carl Dix

Something truly beautiful happened outside the RNC on Wednesday.  The U.S. flag was burned, in the spirit of Bob Avakian's statement that, "American lives are NOT more important than other people's lives."
I urge you to donate generously to make sure the 18 people who were illegitimately arrested outside the RNC gate have the legal and organizational support they need.

-- Carl Dix    Money for bail, legal and organizing support needed urgently.     DONATE NOW.

 Carl Dix from Cleveland:

One Flag Burns—Two Futures Clash

All Out to Defend Joey Johnson and All Those Arrested

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Press Conference on Flag Burning Action & Arrests

Carl Dix, Sunsara Taylor & others at Press Conference on Thursday July 21 

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Breaking News, 8 pm, Thursday, July 21:

Joey Johnson, Other Revcoms and Defendants Released! Two Remain in Jail

July 21, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us

 Joey Johnson, Revolution Club members, and other flag-burning defendants, just released from jail, rallied in front of the Justice Center, with supporters and Revcoms, who had marched from Public Square chanting "burn that flag!" (Photo: @SunsaraTaylor) 

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Carl Dix and Cornel West at the RNC Protests to #StopPoliceTerror

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Gregory "Joey" Johnson Burns American Flag in Honor of Trump

Gregory "Joey" Johnson burning the American flag outside Republican Convention in Cleveland. He and 12 other revolutionary communists were arrested. (Photo: special to revcom.us) 

Money for bail, legal and organizing support needed urgently. Donate here :


MEDIA: For interviews call 216/932-2543. revbookscle@hotmail.com

Press Release

Gregory "Joey" Johnson Burns American Flag Outside Republican Convention.
He and 16 Revolutionary Communists and Others Illegitimately Arrested and Detained for Protected Speech

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Tuesday July 19 at RNC, Protest Murder by Police

 A Call from Carl Dix and Cornel West --
Join us in Cleveland Tuesday July 19 to say  


Tuesday July 19 4:00 pm Public Square Euclid & Ontario Avenues, Cleveland OH

Again America has forced us to watch Black men being murdered by its police. On top of those horrors, this time we were forced to watch a Black woman who had to remain calm while bravely recording a cop murder her boyfriend, threaten her life, and arrest her.  AND then, we had to listen to her 4 year old try to comfort her in the midst of these unspeakable horrors. Read more


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