April 21 Student Day of Action to #StopPoliceTerror Protests on Campuses Across the Country

     Students at San Francisco State on April 21 

On April 21 the Student Day of Action to #StopPoliceTerror there were Protests on at Campuses Across the Country. Students from diverse perspectives came together responding to a Call Issued by students at San Francisco State University and joined by students at UCLA, UC Riverside, Cal State East Bay, Antelope Valley College, Kent State U, U of Wisconsin Madison and others. 

The call was endorsed by these Voices of Conscience: Carl Dix, Revolutionary Communist Party, USA; Cornel West, philosopher, academic, social activist, author; Alice Walker, novelist, poet, activist; Arturo O'Farrill, pianist, composer, educator and familiy members whose loved ones have been killed by police.  Read the Call

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April 21: Waking Up, Shaking Up Campuses to STOP Police Terror

April 25, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us

On April 21, students on campuses in California and beyond responded to a call from students at San Francisco State for a National Day of Action to STOP Police Terror. The protests on different campuses brought together, and happened because of, courageous students from a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives, including Revolution Clubs in some places. Many of the activists and organizers of these protests were new to leading protests. Their determination and initiative and creativity was inspiring. Through the day, connections and muscles were built up from which organization can be forged. Following are photos from some of the events.

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Protesters Against Police Brutality Rally at SF State

     Maleena Srioudom  BayNewsNow.com

On Thursday, April 21, protestors from San Francisco State University and James Lick Middle School came together on Malcolm X Plaza for National Student Day of Action to Stop Police Terror, asking the question, “Which side are you on?”

This rally is one of the many rallies held at different universities, and they were held simultaneously with California State East Bay, University of California Los Angeles, University of California Riverside, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Kent State in Ohio, Agnes Scott College in Georgia, Cal State Monterey, and Columbia University.

The march began at Malcolm X Plaza and ended in front of 19th and Holloway Ave from noon to 1 p.m. More photos


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UC RIVERSIDE: Students protest police brutality, encourage campus activism

Press Enterprise 


More than two dozen gathered in front of UC Riverside's Rivera Library on Thursday, April 21, to protest police killings across the nation.

"We are trying to rid UC Riverside's apathy toward activism and the issue of police brutality," said Alexander Wilson, Jr., a third-year UCR student.

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More Protests on April 21

At UCLA students and members of the Revolution club blocked Bruin Walk which is a major throughfare between noth and south campus. This is an area frequented but religions fundamentalists.   Some students including a groups of black students stopped by and hung out by the blockage.  Others were outraged including one student who charged thru the the blockade and tried to start a fight as campus officials watched.  The administration tried to shut the protest down siting they were blocking traffic but the protesters held their ground.  More photos



A21 Protest at Kent State Against Police Terror!

At noon several of us from Cleveland Revolution Club, Stop Mass Incarceration Cleveland Chapter including 2 stolen lives families  gathered outside the student center at Kent State to say Police Terror Must Stop!  As we got our signs out, a family member Art Blakey, told the story of his sister, 19 and unarmed,  killed by a Cleveland pig.  Right away a Kent State official came up saying we cannot use the bullhorn because we were not a campus organization. more


 #StopPoliceTerrorA21 at Antelope Valley College 

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