April 27 - April 21 Students Protested to #StopPoliceTerror, No Justice for Akai Gurley, Statement from Jamel Mims


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April 21 Students Protested to #StopPoliceTerror on Campuses Across the Country

On April 21 the Student Day of Action to #StopPoliceTerror there were Protests on at Campuses Across the Country. Students from diverse perspectives came together responding to a Call Issued by students at San Francisco State University and joined by students at UCLA, UC Riverside, Cal State East Bay, Antelope Valley College, Kent State U, U of Wisconsin, Columbia University, and others.

The call was endorsed by these Voices of Conscience: Carl Dix, Revolutionary Communist Party, USA; Cornel West, philosopher, academic, social activist, author; Alice Walker, novelist, poet, activist; Arturo O'Farrill, pianist, composer, educator and familiy members whose loved ones have been killed by police. Read the Call

April 21: Waking Up, Shaking Up Campuses to STOP Police Terror

Kent State University on April 21

Protesters Against Police Brutality Rally at SF State

UC RIVERSIDE: Students protest police brutality, encourage campus activism

April 21 at UCLA

No Justice for Akai Gurley—Another Killer Cop Walks!

by Carl Dix, Revolutionary Communist Party, co-founder, Stop Mass Incarceration Network

This sentence of no jail time comes down to the system telling us that Akai Gurley’s life, and the lives of Black and Brown people targeted by police terror, don’t matter. That the whole system will go into motion to keep killer cops from going to jail no matter how murderous their actions. This sentence also tells us something about whether you can deal with police terror by electing new prosecutors. Ken Thompson’s election as the Brooklyn District Attorney in 2013 was hailed as a step toward reforming the criminal justice system because, unlike the previous DA, he would hold brutal, murdering cops accountable for their criminal deeds. Yet in this case he was part of letting a killer cop walk. read more

Jamel Mims

Statement from
Jamel Mims

On April 6th, I appeared in court
for charges resulting from the
#RiseUpOctober protests against
#policemurder, including the
obscure charge of 'climbs on
statue'. The trial is set to begin
on May 11th - If i am convicted,
I could find myself serving a three
month sentence at #RikersIsland
- when not one of these murdering
pigs have served a minute of jail time.

The NYPD and their prosecutor would have you believe I am a 'career protester' - agitating the police and scaling the Cohan statue in #TimesSquare, and getting myself arrested during an “anti-cop” rally last October.

They wont tell you that this was during the historic #RiseUpOctober demonstration last year, where over 100 families of victims of police murder, the largest such gathering to date - descended on New York City and led thousands in a march up Broadway.

At a time when 300+ people have been murdered by police in the first three months of 2016, where this rage has seeped into #popculture - from #Formation to #KendrickLamar on the #Grammys - the #NYPD would have you believe that I am the one guilty of some wrongdoing for protesting #policeterror.  It's clear - in times like these - they have chosen their side: it is backing up this system that . The question is - what side will you choose?

Join us in court #May11 to demand they drop the charges - and all the charges against freedom fighters protesting police terror across the country.


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