April 4 Justice for Justus: Stop Police Terror What Side Are You On?

Justus Howell  Memorial- Justice For Justus!

On April 4, 2015, Justus Howell, 17 years old, was shot twice in the back and murdered as he ran from a cop in Zion, Illinois. It was the same day that Walter Scott was also shot in the back and killed as he ran from a South Carolina cop. There were eyewitnesses who said that Justus was unarmed and running away when he was shot.  But Lake County State’s Attorney Michael Nerheim called Justus’ murder “justified.” 

 Carl Dix, co-founder of Stop Mass Incarceration, said this at a protest for Justice for Justus:

"This has to stop. Justus was a young man who should have been looking forward to the rest of his life. His life was stolen by someone who was sworn to serve and protect. And then the system covered it up. This happens every day, especially to Black and Brown young people. Not just the brothers, they kill sisters too. This has to stop. We can no longer stand by while they kill our children. We have to tell everybody, this is an issue for you. There ain't no standing on the side while this is going on. Because if you stand on the side when people are being killed for nothing other than the color of their skin, you're no longer a human being. That's what that comes down to....There is no middle ground, you're either on the side of acting to stop this or you're on the side of saying it's okay to continue."

Justus' mother, Latoya Howell, and grandmother, Alice Howell, have been courageous and active in the fight to stop police terror, to stop what happened to Justus from happening to anyone else's child, including speaking at Rise Up October, a massive protest to stop police terror in New York City, October, 2015.

Monday, April 4, is the one year anniversary of Justus Howell's murder.  And still no justice! There will be events all day, and many families who have lost loved ones to police murder will attend.

Be There! Stand with the Howells in their fight for Justice for Justus, and to 


2 pm: Vigil & Rally 24th & Galilee Streets, Zion, Illinois - speakers/artists/activists/families

3 pm: Press Conference: Zion Police Station: 2101 Salem Blvd, Zion, IL 60099 

6 pm: Dinner Celebration of Life Honoring Justus Howell, Vision “For A Brighter Tomorrow Banquet” State Beach Resort Conference Center, One Lake Front Drive, Zion, Illinois 

8:30 p.m. – Midnight  Celebration of Life Honoring Justus Howell 

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