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Join Us In Cleveland Tuesday, July 19 To Say:



Again America has forced us to watch Black men being murdered by its police. On top of those horrors, this time we were forced to watch a Black woman who had to remain calm while bravely recording a cop murder her boyfriend, threaten her life, and arrest her. AND then, we had to listen to her 4 year old try to comfort her in the midst of these unspeakable horrors. These horrors underscore the reality of a people – Black people – who are forced to live their lives in fear of being shot to death by law enforcement for nothing other than the color of their skin. And it concentrates the history of centuries of savage oppression this country has subjected Black people to. It is outrageous, illegitimate and unacceptable, and it must be stopped!

People who protested the atrocities in Baton Rouge and Minneapolis, and those who took to the streets all across the country in solidarity, were acting righteously. And it was beautiful when these protests continued in the face of mighty efforts by the authorities to suffocate them by using the events in Dallas to try to change the subject from police getting away with murder to expressing sympathy for police officers, and even by trying to blame the protests for what happened in Dallas.

These protests need to not only continue – they must be intensified. Police murdering Black and Brown people again and again and being exonerated by the system when their murderous deeds are brought into the light of day amounts to a message that there is a target on the backs of Black and brown people. It brings to mind the way lynch mobs used to leave their murdered victims hanging in public places as a message to all Black people to stay in their place. Messages like these can't be allowed to continue to be delivered.

To let our sisters and brothers who are taking to the streets know that we have their backs, that we support them and that we love them, we will gather in Cleveland during the RepublicanNational Convention where Donald Trump, the standard bearer for a growing fascist movement, will be nominated for president to say:




Endorsed by: Gabriel Black Elk, brother of Paul Castaway, murdered by Denver police, July 12, 2015; Willie Ferrell, brother of Jonathan Ferrell, murdered by Charlotte-Mecklenburg police, September 14, 2013; Yohana Flores, daughter of Ernesto Flores, murdered by San Bernardino sheriffs, April15, 2015; Ruben Gonzalez Morejon, brother of Hector Morejon, murdered by Long Beach, CA police, April 23, 2015; Kevin Kellom, father of Terrance Kellom, murdered by ICE agent in Detroit, MI, April 27, 2015; Nate Hamilton, brother of Dontre Hamilton, murdered by Milwaukee police, April 30, 2014; Alice Howell, grandmother of Justus Howell, murdered by Zion IL police, April 4, 2015; Mertilla Jones, grandmother of Aiyana Stanley Jones, murdered by Detroit police, May 16, 2010; Tawanda Jones, sister of Tyrone West, murdered by Baltimore police, July, 2013; Alicia Kirkman, mother of Angelo Miller, murdered by Cleveland police, March 24, 2007; Yolanda McNair, mother of Adaisha Miller, shot to death by a Detroit cop, July 2012; Jessica Care Moore, poet and musician, Detroit, MI; Efia Nwangaza, Malcolm X Center for Self Determination, Greenville, SC; Anternitia O'Neal, mother of Dontez O'Neal, murdered by Cincinnati police, November 21, 2012; Chris Silva, brother of David Silva, beaten to death by Kern Co. Sheriffs & California Highway Patrol in Bakersfield, CA, May 6, 2013; Donna Wicks, mother of Kevin Wicks, murdered by Inglewood, CA police, July 21, 2008  Puncture the Silence-Stop Mass Incarceration, Cleveland OH

Please indicate in the comments section if you are a family member whose loved one has been killed by police.

Let us know your organization and if it is for identification purposes only. We welcome organization endorsements if possible, but understand with the short time-frame that may not be possible.


Reach the organizers: office@stopmassincarceration.net;  929-249-7996

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    Sign the petition: RNC call
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    In Solidarity!
  • signed 2016-07-19 21:45:50 -0400
    I am signing on behalf of Fox Valley Citizens for Peace & Justice in Illinois. I am the chair of that organization.

    Mary Shesgreen
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    Because of supposed Christian Isis starting unnecessary unending supposed Christian crusading, blitzkrieging war in Iraq, while letting Bin Laden feely travel from Tora Bora to Pakistan, a hundred innocents die everyday from united suck of assassins drone strikes. Another example of our extreme hypocrisy as a nation, assault weapon and magazine control aren’t even gun control, they’re just common sense. Meanwhile, war isn’t the answer, it’s only the unending question why. Unending unnecessary war is criminal insanity in a can, war machine oiled by non-renewables, feed by non: united suck of assassins citizens, rich, white, supposed Christians blood; Senator McCain doesn’t need 32 more mansions. An injustice to any is an injustice to all, and if it isn’t addressed individually, it becomes a global injustice as well. “You can’t struggle with the man’s house (mansion) using the man’s tools”, Audrey Lourdes, “be the change you wish to see in the world”, “the root of all oppression lies in (supposed) science”, Gandhi. Remember, if responsibility isn’t exercised, its Siamese twin sister, freedom, will wither, like an unused muscle as well; now, sadly, because of self-possession, it needs to be exorcised before it’s exercised. No one must be conned by the corporate structure’s convolution, divide and conquer only works on the divided, life is indivisible, as your potential is illimitable. reality
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    Black Lives Matter and unarmed civilians should never be murdered. We must stand up for all civil rights regardless of color, orientation, sex, etc. We must restrict gun rights and get every gun registered, ban minors under 21 from guns, and ban assault weapons.
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    Sign the petition: RNC call
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    I am SHOCKED and INFURIATED and DISBELIEVING that the police could murder black people (and other colors too!) in cold blood, over and over, AND GET AWAY WITH IT!!!! I’m sorry, but I have come to hate the police and am actually quite satisfied when one gets killed. If one of THEIRS is killed, it’s the tragedy of the century…. but they murder others without a care in the world. UNFAIR, UNFAIR, UNFAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW, I am a white, middle-aged, soccer-mom type in Seattle, WA.
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    Mike Howells
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    I fully support all efforts to stop mass incarceration of the poor and political decedents…
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    Shirley Dixon I pray that Black people will stop taking sides with the media, politicians, police, etc. Black people need to please stop commenting about how sad they are over the killings of the police. I am not endorsing the killings but I would never comment in public about how it should stop. Comments from us should be in support of Blacks.
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    black trans and black intersex youth lives matter,black lives matter
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    Doug Vories
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    Sign the petition: RNC call
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    Vivian Moon
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    Sign the petition: RNC call
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    Volunteer with October 22 Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, Seattle Affiliate
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    Sign the petition: RNC call
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    Sign the petition: RNC call
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    Stop The Murders by Police! End mass Incarceration! Don’t let Them Change The Subject!

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