Chicago SMIN meeting

Come to an important Stop Mass Incarceration Meeting to Take the Battle to Stop Police Murders Higher!

March 13, 2-4 pm
Fine Arts Building
410 S. Michigan Ave.
Room 426

The March 2 Day of Resistance was an important beginning  in retaking the offensive in the battle to stop police terror and murder. Families of 10 police murder victims at a "Stolen Lives Families Demand Justice" event spoke powerfully to 100 people and hundreds more eating lunch in the Thompson Center. 50 very determined people, including students, revolutionaries, activists and others, marched in the Loop.


We need to take this struggle higher: there is still NO JUSTICE in the Laquan McDonald case, and many other police murders, Darius Pinex, Quintonio Legrier, Bettie Jones, Cedric Chatman, Rekkia Boyd, Ronnie Man Johnson and many more, only 1 cop has been charged out of all those murders, and Rahm Emmanuel, Anita Alvarez and all the officials involved in the coverup of those crimes go unpunished. The powers-that-be hope to wait it out and derail and crush protest: the March 2 No Business as Usual while Murdering Cops Go Free march was attacked viciously, 4 marchers were arrested and 1 sent to the hospital. A college student said at that march:  “The spirit of the marchers was tremendously inspiring. It makes me want to work to get many more people out into the street to stop police murder.”  Broader, more creative and determined resistance is needed to challenge Chicago and society as a whole with "Which Side Are You On", and more people need to step forward and get involved to make that happen.

March 13, 2016 at 2pm - 4pm
Fine Arts Building
410 S Michigan Ave
Room 426
Chicago, IL 60605
United States
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