Cleveland March 26 meeting

Hi everyone,

There was a rally and march for the one year anniversary of the killing of Brandon Jones and the 9 year anniversary of the killing of Angelo Miller.  A few  of us from SMIN were there with families from outside Cleveland to have a powerful rally and march. We had SMIN signs out there.  One of us who was there can report on it more fully.

There has been some activity on the part of some members of SMIN to get a Stolen Lives Tour on two campuses, Kent State and Case Western.  There has been lots of effort on the part of Abdul and Aaron to schedule a room  and get an organization to sponsor it at Kent. One group there is definitely interested.  So we will hear details on that.  On the Case campus Barry has been working on getting an organization he is a member of to sponsor it.  So we will get a report on that work.  We have family members wanting to tell their stories. In fact, this weekend on the anniversaries  of the death of Brandon and Angelo there were powerful voices of families from this area, as well as Detroit and Chicago.  

There is a call for campus actions on April 21.  Go to the StopMassIncarceration. net to read the call for that.  Let’s discuss how we can get cores of students to take this up.  There is potential for this at campuses that have had actions against police terror, ie. students at Case including medical students, and Black students at Kent taking up and supporting the actions at Univ. of Missouri.  And at Clevland State there are students who have been active in the fight for justice for Tamir Rice. So let’s push this out on the campuses.

KJ is organizing an action for his nephew who was killed in October 2015 at Euclid Superior in East Cleveland.  We will work on plans for that with him.

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