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NYC: ShutDownRikers Freedom Fighters' Trial Postponed to July 12 more

Tuesday July 12 9:30 am
Queens Criminal Court, 125-01 Queens Boulevard, Kew Gardens Queens NY
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Flyer - Drop the Charges on #ShutDownRikers Freedom Fighters Clark Kissinger & Miles Solay


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Defend Freedom Fighters - New York

Sign the Petition to Drop the Charges on Clark & Miles for #ShutDownRikers

To Queens County NY District Attorney Richard A. Brown:

We the undersigned urge the Queen District Attorney to drop charges of Obstructing Government Administration and Disorderly Conduct against Clark Kissinger, case #2015QN053342 & Miles Solay, 2015QN053343.  more


ShutDownRikers Freedom Fighters' Trial on July 12 


New Flyer - Drop the Charges on #ShutDownRikers Freedom Fighters.pdf

SIGN this petition to the Queens DA to DROP the Charges on Clark & Miles  

Clark Kissinger and Miles Solay
appeared for trial on February 22
in Queens NY, on charges from
the #ShutDownRikers protest 
in October. There was a brief
hearing on the evidence the
defense is seeking to discover
from the prosecutor, who is
required by law to provide
it to the defendants, including
video footage the NYPD was
seen taking at the scene.

 Clark and Miles with Kenny Gilbert, their lawyer
outside Queens Criminal Court.

The prosecutor disclaimed knowledge of such video, and has so far refused to lower charges on Clark and Miles.  The new trial date is Tuesday April 12.  15 others arrested at the protest faced no criminal charges, but Clark and Miles are charged with “Obstruction of Government Administration,” which could carry a sentence of a year at Rikers. Supporters, including the Stop Mass Incarceration Network are demanding the Queens District Attorney drop charges in the case, as the two were part of a non-violent protest.

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Defend Freedom Fighters - Chicago

Iggy and Alfredo Face Charges of Felony Aggravated Battery to a Police Officer
Thursday, May 5 2016, 9:30 am, 
Room 206, Cook County Court, 2600 S. California (@ 26th St.)
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 South Shore 2  Face Charges of Felony Aggravated Battery to a Police Officer 

Monday, June 20 2016  Room 604, Cook County Court, 2600 S. California (@ 26th St) 

Two people of the  people arrested at March 2, 2016 protest to stop police murder, Grant Newburger, and a young man who came to the protest, appear on the charge of obstruction of traffic
Next court date TBA  
Branch 29, Cook County Circuit Court, at Belmont and Western

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Police nationwide continue to murder unarmed people, disproportionately Black and Latino. While police almost never face charges, people who protest police murder are arrested, charged, and threatened with years in prison.The murder of Laquan McDonald unleashed a torrent of almost daily protests in Chicago. 

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Defend Freedom Fighters - LA

After deliberating for four full days on the case of three people charged with three misdemeanors for the April 14, 2015 protest to stop murder by police, the jury came back the fifth day with a unanimous not guilty verdict on the charge of blocking the street and unable to agree on the other two charges. On the charge of blocking train tracks ten jurors voted not guilty and on the charge of disobeying a lawful police order nine jurors voted not guilty. The judge declared a mistrial on the two undecided charges and the prosecutor announced she will not refile. The judge dismissed the two charges. The case is now dismissed. Victory for the people! And into the fight on the next A14 trial with two more defendants which has already begun.  more info

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