Faith Communities

Communities of faith: Which Side Are You On?

Faith leaders, churches, and other communities of faith must take a stand to end police terror, and show the world which side they are on. They can and should make a major contribution toward #RiseUpOctober, involving many in their congregations to join this nationwide effort to challenge society on this question.

Above: Hear from Dr. Cornel West, civil rights leader, public intellectual and theologian, author, co-founder of the Stop Mass Incarceration Network, and co-initiator of #RiseUpOctober


Above: Hear from Rev. Jerome McCorry, a civil rights leader from Dayton, OH, Faith Coordinator for #RiseUpOctober,  and a leader in the Stop Mass Incarceration Network


Above: Hear from Rev. Stephen Phelps, member of the Presbytery of New York City, and a signer to the Call to Action for #RiseUpOctober


Challenge faith leaders to join in #RiseUpOctober!






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