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Print this label and put it on a jar or cup. Take it to the streets or out on campus with some of these organizing materials, put it on your desk or counter at work... be a fundraiser for #RiseUpOctober!



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How to fundraise for #RiseUpOctober

One of THE MOST important ways to realize the potential of #RiseUpOctober is raising $100K - this will bring the families of victims of police murder to NYC, thousands across the country out to join them, build a community of resistance, and issue a massive outcry for justice to END police terror.

Asking people for money sometimes carries a stigma, can feel uncomfortable, or is seen as a "necessary evil." 

This is just wrong.  It is a very good thing to donate to, and raise money for the fight to STOP police terror.

#RiseUpOctober is a necessary action. As of September 29, 2015, over 870 people have been killed by police this year. The resistance of the last year has inspired thousands. Now we stand at a historical crossroads: will this resistance be taken to a new level, where 100 family members of victims of police brutality are joined by many thousands more, from all walks of life, to demand an END to police terror in New York City October 24? Will the people put those who brutalize and murder our people under the color of authority on notice, push back their relentless attacks on the people, and issue the challenge to millions more worldwide: Which Side Are You On? Or will people settle back into hopelessness or ignorance, and "get used to" this outrageous epidemic of police terror, violence, and murder? None of this is decided. The answer is up to us.

We need to raise $100K from thousands of the millions who are outraged. There is a Fundraising Task Force that is making it their mission to reach out to academics, activists, people of conscience, the people most affected by this epidemic, and many more, to raise money to make this happen. Join in! The fact is, MOST of the fundraising will be done by people like you -- who may have no experience at all with fundraising, but refuse to be complicit in this moment. Crowdfunding makes a huge difference, and is part of bringing people together, building unity and organization to realize the potential of #RiseUpOctober.

When you ask people you know to donate to #RiseUpOctober, you are not asking for a personal favor. You are giving them an opportunity to show the world which side they are on when it comes to police terror, and most importantly, you are giving them the opportunity to contribute to changing the course of history.

4 things to keep in mind - and to speak to - when you are fundraising for #RiseUpOctober:



Police terror is real. This is not your opinion. You are telling the truth.
People have to be confronted with the reality of an epidemic of police gunning down black and brown people, stealing the lives of their loved ones forever, and then walking free with no consequences. Not once or twice, but once every 28 hours. To understand more about the epidemic of police murder, click here.  In some cases, it will make a difference to show one of these short videos so people can hear these stories straight from the mouths and hearts of the family members of these stolen lives.


#RiseUpOctober HAS to happen. This is not your opinion. You are telling the truth. #RiseUpOctober is the action that has the potential to eliminate the indifference and the ignorance, wake up a generation, secure justice for the families that have lost their loved ones to police murder and then seen them vilified and criminalized by the lying media, and much more. What better thing, in this moment, could people be giving their money to? To understand more about the potential of #RiseUpOctober, click here. IT IS ON US TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN.



When you want someone to donate to #RiseUpOctober, you have to ask. Then, you have to stop talking and let them answer. This may sound obvious, but too many times, because of needless stigma on asking for money, we start to make excuses for the people we are talking to. Don't do this! Let people answer for themselves! There may be a pause where no one says anything. That is okay. You may have reservations about the person you are talking to, some prejudices from what you know about them or about their opinion on the subject, or think they don't have much money to give. Don't worry about it. Let people surprise you. You will never know how the person you are talking to may take responsibility for this and contribute to it, unless you ASK and LET THEM ANSWER.



$100K can and must be met and exceeded! Ask people for the most you think they can give. $100K is the minimum of what is required for #RiseUpOctober to be all it can be, and that is a lot of money. Don't hesitate to ask someone you think could drop $500, $1k, $5K, or $10k, to do so (see links above for letters that ask for specific amounts). However, it makes a very real difference to people with a lot of money, if they see that many, many, people with less money are contributing to this project. It makes a huge difference if there are 100 donors vs. 1000 donors, when a person is being asked to contribute thousands of dollars. Having many donors shows how broad and deep the need and the appeal of #RiseUpOctober is, and how far it can go. Never dismiss a $5 donation, and ensure people who feel that they have nothing to give, that because of this dynamic, even a small donation can go much further than they may think. Together, we can raise this money, realize #RiseUpOctober, and build a community of resistance to STOP police terror - now, which side are YOU on?

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