Letter from Nicholas Heyward Sr.

Letter to the Students from Nicholas Heyward Sr

"My name is Nicholas Heyward Sr., the father of Nicholas Heyward Jr, who was murdered by NYPD housing cop in September 1994.  
We lived in Brooklyn with his mother and 6 year old brother.  Nicholas Jr. was an honor student at IS263 when a cop shot and killed him as he played with his friends in a stairwell in the community where we lived.  Nicholas Jr. was only 13 years old.  The cop was never charged or held accountable for killing my son.  

I have been fighting for the last 22 years to have the cop who killed my innocent brought to justice. I also speak out and expose the injustice against our children by the police and this system which refuses to hold any cop accountable regardless how clear the evident is against them.  

It is very important that our youth and young generation get involve in the fight to end this terror against them, for you are the next generation and it will be such a sad shame to know that our nextgeneration of young adults are fighting and struggling in a world of injustice which so many generations before you have fought to end.  I ask you to join me and the many other parents who lost innocent children, to help stop and end police brutality and murder.  You are the future and can help make this a better world for us all.  

I ask you to bring the No More Stolen Lives Tour to your College or University. Contact the Stop Mass Incarceration Network to arrange for the tour to come to your campus". Nicholas Heyward Sr.


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