Los Angeles Sat. July 9

Stop Murder and Terror by Police! Get in the Streets! There Must Be Justice!

Saturday, July 9 at 12 noon

Florence and Normandie

South Central, Los Angeles

Rally and March to the 77th Precinct

Get in the streets and stay in the streets: THERE MUST BE JUSTICE! Demand: Indict, Convict, Send the Killer Cops to Jail!

Over 500 people have been killed by police in the US since January 1 this year. In just the past few days, police murdered Alton Sterling in Louisiana for the “crime” of being Black and selling CD’s on the street. They murdered Philando Castile in Minnesota for the “crime” of being Black, having a broken taillight, and following the order of a cop to show his drivers license.

AltonSterling PhilandoCastile #KeithBursey #WakeishaWilson #PedroVillanueva #DylanNoble #AntwunShumpert #JessicaWilliams #EzellFord #MichaelBrown #EricGarner #FreddieGray

July 09, 2016 at 12pm - 3pm
Florence and Normandie South Central, Los Angeles
Stop Mass Incarceration Network so cal · · 213-840-5348

Will you come?

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