March 28 Newsletter

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March 28 2016

Call for Conviction of Rikers Correction Officers for Brutality; for Dropping Charges on #ShutDownRikers protesters

What: Press Conference/Photo Op
When: Tuesday March 29 9:00 am
Where: Bronx Criminal Court 215 East 161st Street

The Stop Mass Incarceration Network said today:

“Nine Corrections Officers are currently on trial in the Bronx for the savage beating of an inmate back in 2012. The nine are charged with attempted gang assault in the first degree. The victim Jahmal Lightfoot was kicked repeatedly in the head with heavy boots and ended up with both eye sockets shattered and a broken nose. There has been an endless string of brutal abuses and medical neglect of prisoners, most of whom are there simply because they are too poor to make bail.

The cases range from Jerome Murdough who was literally baked to death in an overheated cell, to Bradley Ballard a mentally ill prisoner found dead after being left alone in his cell for seven days without his medications, to teenager Kalief Browder who was repeatedly beaten and held in solitary confinement for months. Browder was held because he could not make $3500 bail on a theft charge that was ultimately dropped. But he was so damaged by his Rikers experience that he committed suicide. This has to stop.

Meanwhile, Clark Kissinger, manager of Revolution Books, and Miles Solay, of the band Outernational, are scheduled go on trial April 12 for protesting outside the entrance to Rikers Island. They potentially face a sentence of a year in Rikers. Who are the real criminals here? The gang of brutal guards . . . or those calling for an end to New York City’s vicious penal colony and debtor’s prison?”

Kissinger & Solay are set for trial April 12 at Queens Criminal Court on charges arising from the October 23, 2015 protest to #ShutDownRikers, charged with “obstruction of government administration” which can carry 1 year at Rikers.


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Stop Mass Incarceration Network

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