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No More Stolen Lives Tour

THURSDAY - APRIL 14, 2016 @ 11:00AM-12:45PM

Gabilan Courtyard with Aztec Dancers to Introduce Event 

Panel Discussion with Families Affected Directly by Police Murderw

Police continue to murder people all across the country and the legal system continues to go into motion to exonerate the police.The No More Stolen Lives tour will bring the reality of murder by police to campuses & communities. Family members whose loved ones have been killed by police, voices of conscience, students and professors, and organizers thick in the struggle to stop the epidemic of murder by police will present on these tours.

Trisha Michael, twin sister of Kisha Michael who along with Marquintan Sandlin were executed by Inglewood police on February 22, 2016.  Inglewood police used machine guns to murder Kisha and Marquintan, while they were sleeping in a car.

Obdulio Oliva ~ father of Carlos Oliva, killed by LA Sheriff's in September 2013.  Carlos was beaten before being shot dead by a sheriffs deputy who had been involved in six other shootings before killing Carlos.

Rev. Frank Wulf ~ pastor at USC United University Church, works in Faith Committee of the Stop Mass Incarceration Network.

Duck Ocean ~ Steering Committee, Stop Mass Incarceration Network, So Cal. 

Michelle Xai - Revolution Club, Los Angeles.  Defendant and one of 15 arrested for blocking Metro train in LA as part of Stop Murder by Police actions in 30 cities April 14, 2015

Sponsored By The USC School of Social Work – Diversity Committee

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