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A contingent carried posters of women murdered by police and prison authorities—#SAY HER NAME! Faces of those murdered by police were everywhere, on signs and banners—calling out for justice and an END to the horror. Unitarians demanded JUSTICE and LGBT activists called out sadistic police brutality that targets trans people. There was a striking mix of all nationalities, and representatives of people around the world. There was a sea of signs: RISE UP! STOP POLICE TERROR! The Revolution Club manifested fight the power, and transform the people, for revolution. A chant erupted up and down 6th Avenue: “Indict, convict, send the killer cops to jail, the whole damn system is guilty as hell.”

Students came from around the country—from the Truman State SDS chapter in Missouri to students from California to Prairie View A&M University in Texas. They came from Sarah Lawrence College, and Hofstra University’s NAACP chapter. A grad student and teacher told Revolution, “They’re killing my students with slow genocide.” Youth and others came from the communities of the oppressed, from the East, South and Midwest as well as from NYC. An example: a contingent from Waukegan, IL representing the struggle for justice for Justus Howell and for all victims of police murder.

Unitarian-Universalists came from the Upper West Side of Manhattan and a contingent marched from the Holy Ghost Upper Room Filling Station Ministry in the oppressed community of Jamaica, Queens. St Mary’s Episcopal Church in Manhattanville, NYC carried a banner that declared, “We are not afraid!” Film director, Quentin Tarantino spoke: “When I see murder I cannot stand by.”

At the end of the march Carl Dix declared “You should feel good about what you did but not so good you’re ready to go home, pat yourself on the back, and go back to normal, because normal is the police murdering people, especially Black and Latino and Native people. We have been acting to stop it and it goes forward from today.”

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