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May 19 2016  May 21-22 No More Stolen Lives Tour & Stop Mass Incarceration Network at the Left Forum and Ramon Jimenez Presente!

 April 27 2016 April 27 - April 21 Students Protested to #StopPoliceTerror, No Justice for Akai Gurley, Statement from Jamel Mims 

April 16 2016 NYC-NJ: Justice 4 Akai Gurley, Defend #ShutDownRikers Freedom Fighters!

April 8 2016 Demand Criminal Charges Targeting April 14 Protesters be Dropped

April 8 2016 Chicago Police Who Murder People Walk Free Iggy & Alfredo Face Felony Charges from 2015 & the South Shore 2 Face Felony Charges from 2015 for Protesting Police Murder & Demanding Justice

April 5 2016 NYC - In Memorium, Gary Devincenzi , ShutDownRikers Protester Trial, Book Reading: Lockdown on Rikers,Akai Gurley's, No Move Stolen Lives Tour

April 3 2016 Chicago - Justice for Justus: Stop Police Terror What Side Are You On? 

March 30 2016 #StopPoliceTerrorA21: Student Day of Action Plans Underway - Defend Freedom Fighters

March 25 2016 Justice for Akai Gurley 

March 22 2016 NYC #ShutDownRikers Trials

February 29 2016 Actions to Stop Police Terror Across the US

February 15 2016 8AM Counter Protests the Pro Police Brutality anti-Beyoncé 

February 8, 2016 Report from the Northeast Conference of the Stop Mass Incarceration Network - We're Going to Shame This Country Before the World...This Can't Go on as Normal

January 18 2016 Why You Should Come to the January 24 Northeast Regional Conference of the Stop Mass Incarceration Network more  

January 5 2016 Rise Up! Get Organized to Stop Police Terror and Mass Incarceration! More

December 29 1015  Killer Cops Walk Free!  Justice for Tamir Rice! Indict, Convict and Send the Killer Cops to Jail!  Rise Up! Which Side Are You On? Tuesday, December 29, 2 pm  Union Square, North Side @ 17th Street More

December 28 2015 Monday December 28: Tamir Rice decision: No indictments of Cleveland police officers More

December 22 2015 A message from Carl Dix, co-founder with Dr. Cornel West of the Stop Mass Incarceration Network, and representative of the Revolutionary Communist Party More

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