No More Stolen Lives Tour in Antelope Valley Ca.

It was a real struggle putting together this “No More Stolen Lives” event this weekend.  We were having complications with student organizations at the local community college and could not secure a venue.  However, through our local coalition building we were able to get access to a building in a local strip mall, the Self Improvement Community Development Center, through Justice or Else.  We reached out broadly for support from local activists and organizations and were able to put together a panel that included the mother in law of Leroy Browning, who was killed by Palmdale Sheriffs on December 20, Nikki Uhuru, fellow SMIN community activist, Student Minister Ansar Muhammad of the Nation of Islam and Marc C. Hodges, Attorney at Law and local community activist and supporter Cynthia Beverly of One Way UP to discuss mass incarceration and police terror.  Leroys’ mother, Hazel, sister, Angel and girlfriend and mother of his children, Sky were in attendance as well, though not on the panel.  There were some shortcomings, but overall the event was a success and hopefully a steppingstone to another speaking event in the near future at Antelope Valley College.  More

 Introduction by Stop MassIncarceration Network Antelope Valley

The treatment of black people in this nation represents the most concentrated form of oppression within an overall attack on the people. Mass incarceration and police brutality under what Michelle Alexander calls “The New Jim Crow” represent the sharpest, most concentrated aspect of this oppression. It is a problem that this system has no answer for.  It’s a festering blister on the face of America. Politicians blunder trying to explain it. They don’t have an answer because it is the system that they created. This system is continuing to do exactly what it has done in the past in 1 form or another, institutionalize oppression of marginalized groups. Now this may be a problem for all ethnicities, but we would be dishonest to say that everyone is affected equally by mass incarceration and police terror. This program is having actual genocidal implications among African Americans. This is not a program we can just vote away.



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