NYC March 5 2016 Newsletter

In this issue --
In Memorium, Gary Devincenzi
ShutDownRikers Protester Trial Tuesday April 12 - Join in outreach
Book Reading: Lockdown on Rikers: Shocking Stories of Abuse & Injustice at NY's Notorious Jail Thursday April 7
Demand Jail Time for Akai Gurley's Killer Thursday April 14
Protest Trump Thursday April 14
No Move Stolen Lives Tour John Jay April 18; College of Staten Island April 19

In Memorium

Our love goes out to Sara Devincenzi, a stalwart voice for justice, and member of Stop Mass Incarceration Network's NYC Steering Committee, and her family. Sara's husband Gary died Sunday. We invite you to the services 11:00 am Thursday April 7 at Our Lady of Pompei, 25 Carmine Street. Viewing is today 2-5 and 7-9 pm at Perazzo Funeral Home, 199 Bleecker Street.


Miles Solay at #ShutDownRikers island protest

Trial for #ShutDownRikers Protesters Clark Kissinger & Miles Solay

Tuesday April 12 9:00 am
Queens Criminal Court 125-01 Queens Blvd, E/F to Kew Gardens

NEW flyer
Sign on Letter to Queens DA
Rikers Fact Sheet
Facebook Event

ShutDownRikers buttons

Join us in reaching out in the community to support the freedom fighters

On Saturday, April 2, a team from the NYC Stop Mass Incarceration Network converged on the Hub in the Bronx to build support for Clark Kissinger and Miles Solay, the two #ShutDownRikers freedom fighters who are targeted and facing serious charges for nonviolent civil disobedience at the RiseUpOctober action to Shut Down Rikers on October 23, 2015.

The Hub, located at the intersection of 149th Street and 3d Avenue, is a major shopping and commercial district for the walking class Black and Latino residents of the Bronx. Many people in the Bronx have had family members, or themselves, have been incarcerated on Rikers Island.

Our aim this Saturday was to draw on the life experiences of people in this community -- where many young people cannot find jobs, and who are subjected to daily police harassment and stints on Rikers -- to build support for Clark and Miles with the call to Shut Down Rikers!

In the almost two hours we were there, we ran into many people, young and old, who united with the call to #ShutDownRikers. It was a quite lively scene on the corner with our literature table as we distributed the Rikers Fact Sheet, the flyer to defend Clark and Miles and #ShutDownRikers buttons. see the full report


Thursday April 7 7:00 pm
Mary E. Buser reading from her new book
Lockdown on Rikers: Shocking Stories of Abuse and Injustice at New York's Notorious Jail

Revolution Books 212-691-3345
437 Malcolm X Blvd./Lenox Avenue @ 132nd Street

Facebook Event

Mary Buser began her career at Rikers Island as a social work intern, brimming with ideas and eager to help incarcerated women find a better path. Her reassignment to a men's jail coincided with the dawn of the city's "stop-and-frisk" policy, a flood of unprecedented arrests, and the biggest jailhouse build-up in New York City history.

Buser was a clinical social worker in the Rikers Island Mental Health Department. She served as Assistant Chief of Mental Health in the island's Mental Health Center, as well as the 500-cell Punitive Segregation Unit. Following her promotion to assistant chief, she was transferred to different jails, working in the Mental Health Center, and finally, at Rikers's notorious "jail within jail," the dreaded solitary confinement unit, where she saw horrors she'd never imagined.


Thursday April 14 9:30 am

Pack Courtroom for Akai Gurley ~ Jail Peter Liang

Rarely are the police ever indicted when they murder and even more rarely are they ever convicted and sent to prison. We are being told that even though this cop was convicted he should not go to prison. Liang was in the stairwell of the Pink Houses, on a “vertical patrol” with his gun drawn and his finger on the trigger. What was he doing? He was hunting Black people. If these patrols are so dangerous, as the authorities claim, then what was he doing there? Why did he have his gun drawn and his finger on the trigger if not to shoot to kill?

The recommendation by Ken Thompson that Peter Liang not go to prison is nothing but a green light to the police to murder with impunity. This is a message that even if convicted, the police do not have to worry about going to prison. Rise Up! Stop Police Terror! Which Side Are You On? Indict, convict and send the killer cop to jail!

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NY State Supreme Court
320 Jay Street, Brooklyn

Facebook Event


Thursday April 14 5:30 pm

Protest Donald Trump at the NY State Republican Gala


Thursday April 14 5:30 pm

Protest Trump at Republican Gala

Facebook Event

Stop Mass Incarceration Network joins with many other groups to protest Trump. Can you count the reasons?


Travis Morales, Nicholas Heyward Sr., Hawa Ba are three of the speakers in the northeast for the No More Stolen Lives Tour

NYC Campuses Host No More Stolen Lives Tour

Monday April 18: John Jay College of Criminal Justice.
Tuesday April 19: College of Staten Island

To bring the tour to your campus, contact Stop Mass Incarceration Network at 646 709 1961

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