Press Coverage

June 23 2016 Baltimore officer acquitted of all charges in Gray case

June 23 2016 Baltimore officer acquitted of murder, other charges in Freddie Gray case

June 23 2016 Big blow to Freddie Gray case: Van driver acquitted

June 23 2016 Hope Dims in Baltimore as City Awaits Freddie Gray Verdict

March 7 2016 Executed for Sleeping while Black 

March 2 2016 Mothers of those killed by the police say they want justice

 March 2 2016 Demonstrators March Through Loop To Protest Police Shootings

 March 2 2016 4 arrested in police brutality protests in the Loop

March 2 2016 Arrests made as protesters disrupt traffic downtown

March 1 2016 Mental Illness a Factor in Third of LAPD Deadly Force Cases

February 23 2016 Town Hall On Criminal Justice Reform Hosted Amid Calls to Close Rikers Island 

February 19 2016  Police union calls for law enforcement labor to boycott Beyonce's world tour

January 16 2016 Remembering Stolen Lives

December 28 2015  Group protesting Tamir Rice decision shuts down roads

December 28 2015  Protesters of Tamir Rice decision stage peaceful march to First District police headquarters in Cleveland (photos)

December 18 2015 Quentin Tarantino Says Victims of Police Brutality Are Not Statistics & Murders Have to Stop (Video)

December 17 2015  Demonstrators decry use of deadly force by Five-O cops

December 16 2015  Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Carl Dix, Brad Hoff, Janine Bandcroft

December 15 2015 Who Is Nicholas Robertson? Video Appears To Show Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputies Shooting Man As He Crawls Away

December 14 2015  Police brutality activists back Tarantino at Hateful Eight premiere

December 14 2015  Anti-Police Brutality Protesters Support Quentin Tarantino at ‘Hateful Eight’ N.Y. Premiere

December 14 2015  Quentin Tarantino Adresses Police Comments ahead of ‘Hateful Eight ‘ Release

December 14 2015  Quentin Tarantino Expands On Police Brutality Comments, Plans To “Go Further” With Activism  

December 14 2015  HATEFUL 8 Premier, Quentin Tarantino at Ziegfeld NYC, No sign of Pat Lynch

December 11 2015 Rally held for man shot by NYPD after pursuit

December 8 2015 Tarantino Plans to “Go Further” With Police Violence Issue After ‘Hateful Eight‘

December 7 2015  Quentin Tarantino wants to ‘go further’ with his anti-police violence protests

December 6 2015  One Year And Still No Justice For Eric Garner democracy 

December 6 2015 Quentin Tarantino Responds to Police Threat: ‘You Should Be Able to Talk About Abuses of Power’

December 5 2015 Protests for justice in Laquan McDonald case continue Saturday

December 3 2015 Live updates: Eric Garner protesters gather at Whitehall; plan ferry ride to S.I.

December 2 2015, Go Ahead. See “The Hateful 8.” It’s Your Civic Duty

November 27 2015  Protesters shut down Chicago’s ‘Magnificent Mile’ in demonstrations over police slaying of Laquan McDonald

November 26 2015   Activists pressure city officials as London is released news.medill.northwestern.eduNovember 23 2015   Protestors Mark Anniversary of Tamir Rice’s Murder

November 22 21015  Protest a Year of NO Justice for Tamir

November 19 2015 Police Violence & Mass Incarceration – Which Side Are You On? (Carl Dix Interview w/ Cenk Uygur)

November 19 2015  ‘They’re trying to vilify me’: Quentin Tarantino speaks out in his defense on The View insisting he is NOT a cop-hater

November 18 2015  An Interview With Carl Dix On: Racism, Police Brutality, Ferguson & Rise Up 

November 18 2015  10 Questions for Carl Dix, Founder of #RiseUpOctober Police Brutality Protest

November 16 2015  That’s me in the picture next to Quentin Tarantino

November 16,2015  If You’re a Black American, You’re Twice As Likely to Be Yelled at or Roughed Up by the 

November 11 2015 Carl Dix on Dr. Drew Midday Live 1pm (segment starts at 1:30)

November 11  2015  Concerned student 1950 Receives Support from Stephens College Students after Mizzou Hunger Strike 

November 10 2015 Fighting Police Terror/TPP Revealed:Destroying 

November 10 2015 Bay Area woman defends Quentin Tarantino after pictured with him

November 7 2015  Bill Maher joins Quentin Tarantino: ‘You have to call murder murder, even If It’s from the cops!’

November 7 2015  Michael Moore Defends Quentin Tarantino Against Police Boycott

November 6 2015 Viggo Mortensen: Police Unions Condone Brutality By Attacking Quentin Tarantino“That’s what they’re doing when they go after the messenger like that.” 

November 6 2015  Real Time with Bill Maher: Quentin Tarantino Interview (HBO) 

November 5 2015 Quentin Tarantino Boycott Is a ‘Mafia-Style Protection Racket,’ Protest Organizer Says

November 5 2015 “You Have to Speak Up”: Viggo Mortensen Defends Quentin Tarantino’s Criticism of Police

November 4 2015 Quentin Tarantino, At The Eye Of A Firestorm — And A Brewing Culture War

November 4 2015 When Does Demanding Police Accountability Become Dangerous Rhetoric? WNYC today

November 3 2015 Tarantino says he won’t be intimidated by police boycotts

November 3 2015 Why Quentin Tarantino Shouldn’t Apologize (Opinion)

November 3 2015 Jamie Foxx Tells Quentin Tarantino to “Keep Telling the Truth” About Police Brutality

November 3 2015  Quentin Tarantino on police boycotts: ‘I’m not being intimidated‘

November 3 2015 Tarantino speaks: ‘I’m not a cop hater’

November 2 2015 The Roland Martin Show fea. Carl Dix

October 31 2015 Justice with Judge Jeanine fox

October 30 2015 Rally Leader Supports Tarantino After Police Call For Movie Boycott

October 29 2015 Tarantino, condemned by police, gets support from protesters


Oct. 29  2015 Police-brutality marchers demand a just society

October 29 2015 Tarantino, condemned by police over brutality protest comments, gets protesters’

October 29 2015 Quentin Tarantino supporters condemn police calls for movie boycott

October 28 2015 The Faces of Protest,

October 27  Some NYPD officers dismiss police union boycott of Quentin Tarantino the

October 27 2015 Megyn Kelly Panel Erupts Over Quentin Tarantino: ‘Black People Kill Black People!’ 

October 26 2015 Fox News Panel Explodes Over Quentin Tarantino Comments onenewspage,com

October 26 2015 Voices of Rise Up October: Quentin Tarantino, Cornel West, Victims’ Families Decry Police Violence democracy now.

October 26 2015 Families Joined by Quentin Tarantino at Saturday’s #RiseUpOctober Rally theobserver

October 25 2015 Quentin Tarantino Talks Mike Brown & Tamir Rice At #RiseUpOctober Rally

October 24 2015 #RiseUpOctober Demands Direct Action to Combat Police Violence

October 24 2015 ‘If this was being dealt with, these murdering cops would be in jail’: Quentin Tarantino leads NYC rally against police brutality

October 24 2015   Arrested During #RiseUpOctober Demonstrations in New York City

October 24 2015 October 24 2015  Up October NYC Police Brutality Protest Results In Multiple Arrests: Report  

October 24 2015 Tarantino Joins Activists to Protest Police Brutality in NY

October 24 2015 Quentin Tarantino Rallies Against Police Brutality in New York

October 24 2015  Live: March against ‘police terror’ to flood streets of NYC RTnews

October 25 2015  Protesta conta la el abuso policial termina con arrestos eldiariony  

October 24 2014  #RiseUpOctober: Protesters Participate in 3-Day Event in New York Against Police Brutality (VIDEO)

October 24 2015 Rise Up October Wraps Up in NYC with Massive Rally against Police Brutality

October 24 2015 Rise Up October: Protests in New York City

October 24 2015  Tech And Social Media Being Used To Observe And Archive Social Movement The 

October 24 2015  Tarantino joins activists to protest police brutality in NY

October 23 2015  Obama to meet with police chiefs group as activists press for reforms

October 23 2015  Protesters Arrested in Rally to Shut Down ‘Guantanamo in the US’

October 23 2015  Arrests made during Rikers Island protest

October 23 2015  Obama To Meet With Police Chiefs Group As Activists Press For Reforms

October 23 2015   #RiseUpOctober protest against police brutality rallies near Rikers prison

October 23 2015 Somber NYPD officers, grieving protesters at Brooklyn anti-police brutality rally

October 23 2015  Rise Up October keeps pressure for justice reform in the streets

October 23 2015  Protesters March Against Police Brutality in Downtown Los Angeles


October 22 2015  RiseUpOctober

October 22 2015  Rally in Brooklyn against police

October 22 2015  Tarantino joins New York rally demanding police reform

October 22 2015  Protesters, victims’ families in New York speak out against deaths at hands of police

October 22 2015 Exclusive: Stop Mass Inc. Co-Founder Carl Dix Speaks On “Rise Up October” & The Need For Mass Resistance

October 22 2015 Activists, families protest against police-involved deaths

October 22 2015  Activists, Families Protest Against Police-Involved Deaths

October 22 2015 #RiseUpOctober protests against police killing civilians begin in New York

October 22 2015 Exclusive: Stop Mass Inc. Co-Founder Carl Dix Speaks On “Rise Up October” & The Need For Mass Resistance

October 22 2015 Exclusive: Stop Mass Inc. Co-Founder Carl Dix Speaks On “Rise Up October” & The Need For Mass Resistance

October 22 2015  Demonstrators March in Downtown LA to Protest “Police Terror”

October 22 2015  Activists Demonstrate Against Police Brutality In Los Angeles  getty images

October 22 2015 Traffic tough in downtown L.A. as some streets shut for anti-police brutality march

October 22 2015  Police Brutality Protest To Cause Rolling Closures Through Downtown LA

October 22 2015  Police Brutality Protest Expected to Snarl Downtown Traffic california hollywood

October 22 2015  LA demonstrators take part in national day of protests against police brutality news

October 21 2015 “This injustice has taken genocidal proportions”: Why Cornel West and Carl Dix are rising up against police brutality

October 20 2015 Reckless Eyeballing in the Former Chocolate City and Rise Up October in New York Black Agenda

October 20 2015 Hundreds of Rise Up October Campaigns?

October 20 2015 Lawsuit filed against Chicago Police for “black hole” detention center

October 2o 2015  Mass incarceration effects subject of #RiseUpOctober action

October 20 2015 Black Lives Matter still going strong with October call to action

October 19 2015    Rise Up October Press Conference: NYC City Hall Steps, 10/19

October 19 2015  Press Conference to Announce Schedule of Actions at Rise Up October

October 19 2015  Groups plan three days of NYC protests against officer-involved killings

October 17 2015  Families mourn loved ones killed by police, plan to join national protest


October 16 2015 RiseUpOctober Special Edition of the Michael Slate show WBAI

October 16 2105 Prison Reform and the Black Lives Matter Movement The Chicago Monitor

October 15 2015 Carl Dix interviewed on KBOO radio  

October 14 2015 New Yorker Persists in Protesting Police Actions Despite Multiple Arrests Juvenile Justice Information

October 13 2015   Agitator Radio Host Robert Dawkins interviewsTemako McCarthy, the mother of Lareko Williams to talk about the murder of her son by Charlotte Mecklenburg police.

October 12 2015 #RiseUpOctober Leaders Reject Report “Exonerating” Officers Who Killed 12-year old Tamir

October 11 2015 Activists criticize release of expert reports that found Tamir Rice shooting was reasonable (video)

October 11 2015 Police Shooting of 12-Year-Old Tamir Rice was Justified, Investigators Say

Oct 10, 2015 Local families share painful stories of police violence WKYC-TV

October 10 2015 Activists, families of Cleveland police shooting victims react to reports on Tamir Rice shooting  

October 8 2015  Rise Up Columbia: The Stop Mass Incarceration Network’s Panel

October 7 2015 #RiseUpOctober: Police Violence Must Stop – A conversation with Nkosi

October 5 2015  Why I am Joining Other Faith Leaders to Stand With Families of Police Victims for #RiseUpOctoberHuffington Post

October 5 2015  100 Relatives of Police Victims Will Attend Rise Up October in NYC Rev. Jerome McCorry on black agenda Radio(starts at 12:30)

October 2,  2015  “The Need for #RiseUpOctober”  Michael Slate interviews  Debra Sweet Steering committee member for #RiseUpUpOctober; Rev. Jerome McCorry, Faith coordinator for #RiseUpOctober; Gloria Pinex, mother of Darius Pinex, killed by Chicago Police KPFK 90.7

October 1 2015   Santa Clara Sheriff Receives Complaints about Jail

September 29 2015  Interview with Rise Up October Steering Committee Member Debra Sweet: Let’s Make History!

September 28 2015  Family of man killed by Chicago police alleging cover-up

September 28 2015  Family of man shot by Chicago police seek new trial

September 28 2015   Family of man killed by Chicago police demand retrial

September 28 2015   Mother Alleges Cover-Up In Fatal Shooting Of Son During 2011 Traffic Stop

September 28 2015  Press Conference Exposes Cover-up – Demands Justice for Darius Pinex

September 28 2015  Building for #RiseUpOctober in Chicago’s South Shore: Large Crowd Blows the Whistle on Police Brutality Cops retaliate with 2 felony arrests of activists

September 28 2015  October Rising: Mass Protest in NYC- Dix on Black Agenda Radio(starts at 15:35)

September 26 2015   Family of man killed by Chicago police seek new trial the September 26 2015  Interview with Rise Up October Steering Committee Member Nkosi Anderson: “Hey, enough is enough! We need to put an end to police terror and fight for a better world.”

October 2,  2015  “The Need for #RiseUpOctober”  Michael Slate interviews  Debra Sweet Steering committee member for #RiseUpUpOctober; Rev. Jerome McCorry, Faith coordinator for #RiseUpOctober; Gloria Pinex, mother of Darius Pinex, killed by Chicago Police KPFK 90.7

September 21 2015  Interview with LaToya and Alice Howell, Fighters Against Police Terror

September 12  2015  from August 27… A Challenge to Everyone “Come to New York City on October 24” STOP Police Terror!  Revolution Newspaper |   

Videos from August 27… A Challenge to Everyone “Come to New York City on October 24” STOP Police Terror! 

September 12, 2015 Co-MC Nkosi Anderson, graduate student at Union Theological Seminary, #RiseUpOctober Steering Committee

September 12, 2015  Reverend Willie Francois III, assistant pastor at First Corinthian Baptist Church

September 12, 2015  Noche Diaz, Revolution Club, New York City

September 12, 2015  Rev Stephen Phelps

September 12, 2015  Jamal Joseph, former Black Panther, prosecuted as one of the Black Panther 21, Columbia University professor, artist and activist

September 12, 2015  Marsha Coleman-Adebayo, a former senior policy analyst for, and whistle-blower on, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), activist with the DC Hands Up Coalition

September 12, 2015  Gina Belafonte, co-director of the SANKOFA Foundation founded by Harry

September 12, 2015  Juanita Young, mother of Malcolm Ferguson, murdered by NYC police March 1, 2000

September 12, 2015  Mertilla Jones, grandmother of seven-year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones, murdered by Detroit cops May 16, 2010

September 12, 2015 Sharon Irwin, grandmother of Tony Robinson, killed by Madison, Wisconsin police March 6,

September 12, 2015  Lorien Carter, aunt of Tony Robinson, killed by Madison, Wisconsin police March 6, 2015

September 12, 2015  LaToya Howell, mother of 17-year-old Justus Howell, murdered by Zion, Illinois police April 4,

September 12, 2015  Nicholas Heyward, Sr., father of 13-year-old Nicholas Heyward, Jr., murdered by NYC police September 22, 1994

September 12, 2015  Joanne Mickens, mother of Corey Mickens, murdered by NYPD March 13, 2007

September 12, 2015 Reverend Jerome McCorry, faith coordinator for Rise Up October Initiative and for Stop Mass Incarceration Network

September 12, 2015  Carl Dix, representative of the Revolutionary Communist Party, co-initiator ofRise Up October

September 12, 2015  Dr. Cornel West, Professor of Philosophy and Christian Practice at Union Theological Seminary, co-initiator of Rise Up October

August 28 2015  Racism, Crime, Police Shootings And #RiseUpOctober August 25 2015  Carl Dix: Revolutionary Communist – Fighting the Plague of Mass Incarceration Black Agenda Report

August 21  2015  Singer Janelle Monáe Performs at Police Violence-Focused Rally in Hollywood

August 21 2015  USA: Artists Janelle Monae & Jidenna lead Black Lives Matter protest on Hollywood Walk of FameRuptlyTV

August  20 2015  6 Police Officers Across the US Were Charged with Murder This Week, Proving Strength of Protests 

August 18 2015   What Is Rise Up October? National Anti-‘Police Terror’ Activists Call For Massive Demonstrations In New York City This Fall International Business Times

August 14  2015 Janelle Monae’ and Wondaland Join STOP Mass Incarceration at Times Square Today!

August 9  2015 A woman holds a poster with the picture of police officer Darren Wilson during a Michael Brown memorial rally on Union Square August 9, 2015 Getty Images

August 9 2015   Police arrest dozens of protesters in New York Press TV

August 9 2015  March In Ferguson, Protests In NYC Mark 1-Year Anniversary Of Michael Brown’s Death  NY CBS

July 22 2015  Police violence protesters announce national ‘Which Side Are You On?’ tour in Cleveland (video)

July 17 2015   Family and supporters of Eric Garner take to the streets to mark one year since he was killed by New York City cop who put him in banned chokehold Daily

July 17 2015   Protest Rallies Mark One Year Anniversary Of Eric Garner’s Death Daily Mail online

Friday, June 12, 2015  Improving Police-Community Relations ‘Boils Down To Leadership Here and

June 1 2015  Akai Gurley’s Aunt Keeps His Memory Alive Through Her Work with the Black Lives Matter MovementAtlanta black

May 22  2015  Carl Dix on the Michael Slate Show on KPFK – The Baltimore Uprising – What are the Stakes?

May 7, 2015 Why The NYPD Is Cracking Down On Anti-Police Brutality Protests APR. 22  2015 Final encounters – Painful protest: A peaceful response to a violent issue. Marchers protest the hundreds of lives lost this year during police conflicts Real Change

(Note lots more press can be found by googling April 14 police brutality protests) April 14  2015 Hundreds Protest Police Brutality NYU

April 14 2015 Protesters arrested after blocking Blue Line tracks in downtown Los Angeles

 April 14 2015  Protesters in New York Demonstrating Against Police Brutality Block Traffic on Brooklyn Bridge

April 14 2015  Protesters march in Chicago for anti-police brutality demonstration


April 14 2015  WHEN & WHERE: Bay Area Protests Planned Against Police Brutality For Nationwide Shut Down

April 14 2015 More than 400 anti-police brutality demonstrators march on Union Square to protest Walter Scott shooting

April 14 2015 Hundreds March Across Brooklyn Bridge to Protest Deaths by Police

April 14 2015  15 Arrests in Protest That Disrupted Metro Service Near Downtown LA

April 14 2015 LAPD arrest anti-police protesters blocking Blue Line track

April 14 2015 UCLA students arrested at police brutality protest

April 14 2015 Demonstrators take part in national day of protests against police brutality

April 14 2015  Protest march against police brutality headed to Washington
April 14 2015  Scuffles break out in New York anti-police brutality protest
April 14 2015 Photos: San Francisco Bay Area protesters denounce police killings April 14 2015 Raw: Police Brutality Protested in NY,
April 14 2015  Some 200 People Rally Against Police Brutality
April 14 2015 Marchers shout down police­ brutality 
April 14 2015  Police shut down excessive force protest on Brooklyn Bridge April 13  2015 News One Cornell West, Alice Walker, Jasmine Guy Support March Against Police Murder On April 14
April 13 2015  All-HipHop Carl Dix Talks Ending Police Brutality, Marching With Cornel West & Shutting ‘Em
April 11  2015   City Activists Call for Nationwide Day of Protests in Response to Shooting Death of Unarmed Man inSouth Carolina NY1 News
April 11  2015   For those of you who say there are no voices leading America, you need to watch 20 mins of Cornel West
April 10  2015   Special Edition of The Michael Slate Show—#ShutDownA14 Stop Police Murder Interview with Amina, Sam and Leia, who are organizing protests on campuses for April 14
Special Edition of  Mchael Slate on KPFK April 10  2015 ‘Speak-out’ event at campus’s multicultural center calls for end to police brutality
Daily April 10  2015  Listen to Nicholas Heyward, Sr., father of Nicholas Heyward, Jr., and Iris Baez, mother of Anthony Baez, on Uptown Radio at Columbia University –Activists Gather to Protests Police Brutality Uptown Radio 1
 April 10  2015 Desde Los Ángeles convocan a paro nacional por tiroteos de policías  La Opinion
April  10, 2015   Carl Dix on KPFA on the Project Censored show KPFA April 10  2015 Desde Los Ángeles convocan a paro nacional por tiroteos de policías El Diario
April 10 2015  Cornel West Calls for April 14 Shut Down in Response to Wave of Police Killings of Unarmed People e-news park Forest
April 9  2015  Cornel West Sparks #ShutDownA14 MovementJetMag.Com 
April 8  2015  Frustrations still high two months after Pasco police shooting Tri-city
April  8  2015 Better Than a Listening Tour: ‘People’s Tribunal’ on Police Brutality Scheduled For Saturday Cleveland Scene
April 7  2015 Time for top cop to go! say Chicago activistsFinal
April  l6  2015  Dr. Cornel West To Address Police Killings Of Unarmed People Chicago Defender
March 26 2015 – -Davey D Interviews  Carl DixHard Knock Radio 

March 3 2015  A Call for Community Review of Rikers Island Jail

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