#RiseUpOctober Protestors in Court May 11

Jamel Mims

Statement from
Jamel Mims

On April 6th, I appeared in court
for charges resulting from the
#RiseUpOctober protests against
#policemurder, including the
obscure charge of 'climbs on
statue'. The trial is set to begin
on May 11th.  If i am convicted,
I could find myself serving a three
month sentence at #RikersIsland
when not one of these murdering
pigs have served a minute of jail time.

The NYPD and their prosecutor would have you believe I am a "career protester" agitating the police and scaling the Cohan statue in #TimesSquare, and getting myself arrested during an “anti-cop” rally last October.

They won't tell you that this was during the historic #RiseUpOctober demonstration last year, where over 100 families of victims of police murder, the largest such gathering to date descended on New York City and led thousands in a march up Broadway.

At a time when 300+ people have been murdered by police in the first three months of 2016, where this rage has seeped into #popculture from #Formation to #KendrickLamar on the #Grammys, the #NYPD would have you believe that I am the one guilty of some wrongdoing for protesting #policeterror.  It's clear in times like these they have chosen their side.  It is backing up this system. The question is - what side will you choose?

Join us in court #May11 to demand they drop the charges and all the charges against freedom fighters protesting police terror across the country.


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