Bring 100 Families of Victims of Police Murder to #RiseUpOctober




Above: Hear from Mertilla Jones: grandmother of Aiyana Jones - seven-year-old murdered by police while sleeping on her couch in her home in Detroit, MI. With Juanita Young, mother of Malcolm Ferguson - murdered by police in the Bronx, NY.


Above: Hear from Sharon Irwin, grandmother, and Lorien Carter, aunt, of Tony Robinson - 18-year-old murdered by police in Madison, WI.


Above: Hear from Nicholas Heyward, father of Nicholas Heyward, Jr. - 13-year-old murdered by police in Brooklyn, NY.


You may also send a check to Alliance for Global Justice/Stop Mass Incarceration and put “100 Familes Travel Fund” in the memo line. Send to: Stop Mass Incarceration Network, P.O. Box 941, Knickerbocker Station, New York City, NY, 10002-0900 


#RiseUpOctober to Stop Police Terror A Call for Rise Up October to Stop Police Terror has gone out – and has been taken up by people of all walks of life – to be in New York October 22-24. Families of those whole lives have been stolen by the police have stepped forward to join this Call. Their powerful stories of what the system has done to them, and their cries for justice – not just in their cases but for what is happening all over this country – need to be heard right in the heart of New York City.

We want to make it possible for no less than 100 families to travel to New York City to be able to put this before the country and the world – to stand with many thousands of others to demand that people take a stand — Which Side Are You On? Do you stand with the people who are being victimized by police terror and murder and who refuse to live in a society like this, or do you stand with those who condone or justify these crimes? These families have made it clear that they want #RiseUpOctober to be very powerful and that they need to be there.

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