Stop Mass Incarceration Cleveland April 16 Meeting

Stop Mass Incarceration, Cleveland Chapter Meeting

Saturday, April  16, Room 135 at the Black Studies Dept in the Main Classroom Building of Cleveland State   

Facebook   ph:216.246.8377


1.  Discuss what Aaron has done to have a few families and SMIN organizers speak around the time of May 4th commemoration.  We need to discuss progress on having colleges be part of the national day of protest on April 21st. It was called by students at San Francisco State University.  We are concentrating of having a protest at Kent.  People should go to the for the call and people should endorse it, especially Stolen Lives families.  Anyone with contacts at Kent or Cleveland State should go ahead and encourage them to do a protest.  People in SMIN should get out materials on May 4th at Kent.  People from all over this area come to it and this is a way to spread SMIN and encourage others in the state to form chapters.  What kind of flyer do we need for general use and at May 4th.  

2.  The RNC and how SMIN needs to be in the mix. We need to be a part of different protests that will go on.  We will discuss what that means.  Bill and Carol from Puncture the Silence went to a meeting about the RNC on Saturday and they can report back on some of the plans.  We need to have Stolen Lives families be a visible force at points during the days of protest. It is an important opportunity to bring out the genocide going on in this country against Black and Brown people to thousands of people in this country and also from other countries.

3.  Discuss ways to develop this chapter. 


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