What You Can Do NOW

1. Tell everyone you know about Rise Up October, the massive march in NYC on October 24. ORGANIZE THEM TO BE THERE.  Find out where the buses are leaving from in your area at riseupoctober.org. If there aren’t any buses organized from your area yet, organize them.

2. Distribute promotional materials. Download palm cards, posters, and the #RiseUpOctober Call. Give them out in laundromats, libraries, classrooms, coffee shops, salons and barbershops, theaters.  In the neighborhoods hardest hit by police terror, distribute flyers and palm cards everywhere.

3. Donate to #RiseUpOctober campaign to raise $100,000. Spread the campaign in every way that you can through: social media, phone calls, and conversations.  Talk to people about why they should donate to bring the families of people killed by police to NYC, and to publicize the protest.  Donations are tax-deductible.

4. Spread #RiseUpOctober #WhichSideAreYouOn widely on social media. Download content here. Hashtag #RiseUpOctober.

5. Organize your faith community, high school, college campus, sorority, fraternity, union to get on the bus and get to NYC Saturday October 24. USE THIS NEW LETTER TO ORGANIZATIONS

6. Organize a group of friends and get out to movie lines and other cultural events and hand out palm cards. 

7. Endorse the Call as an individual, organization, union, school club,or religious group.

8. Go to a local Rise Up October meeting. If there isn’t one plan one. Organize showings of the video for the Rise Up October August 27 event in NYC.  Share this 11 min video.

9. Contact everyone you know in NYC to open up homes and other spaces for housing volunteers and family members coming into NYC for Rise Up October Oct 22-24.

Get in touch.  Keep in touch.   Let us know what you are doing to make this happen.

Call 646.709.1961

Send reports, suggestions, updates and questions to outreach@riseupoctober.org

LaToya Howell, mother of Justus Howell who was murdered by the police in Zion IL on April 4, 2015, put it well when she said, “It’s not enough to click ‘like’ on Facebook.”


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